Martínez Signs For A1 Sporting Memorabilia!

World Cup hero, Emiliano Martínez, puts pen to product at a recent private signing session with A1 Sporting Memorabilia.

We’re delighted to announce that a brand new range of products hand-signed by Emiliano Martínez are now available to buy now from

Emi Martínez signs for A1 Sporting Memorabilia in Birmingham, UK on 6th November 2023.

Emi Martínez’s save in the World Cup final of 2022 will forever be etched in football history as a moment of sheer brilliance and resilience. As the match reached its climax, with both teams locked in a tense battle for supremacy, the opposition launched a ferocious attack, threatening to snatch victory in the dying minutes. In a heart-stopping turn of events, a thunderous shot was unleashed towards the goal, seemingly destined for the back of the net. However, displaying extraordinary reflexes and unwavering composure, Martínez defied the odds, leaping across the goalmouth to execute a jaw-dropping save. The stadium erupted in a roar of disbelief and awe, as fans and pundits alike struggled to comprehend the magnitude of Martínez’s heroics. That save not only preserved the scoreline but also served as a testament to his unwavering determination, agility, and mastery of his craft. Emi Martínez’s unforgettable save in the World Cup final of 2022 will forever be celebrated as a moment that defined his legacy and solidified his place among the greatest goalkeepers of his generation.

Beyond his skills, Emi Martínez is known for his infectious passion and dedication, which have earned him the admiration of teammates and supporters alike. Whether it’s making a crucial save or rallying his teammates, Martínez consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence that sets him apart. Undoubtedly, Emi Martínez’s career is one filled with remarkable achievements and promises to be even more remarkable in the years to come.

The brilliant new collection includes a range of shirts and photos. All products will be available to buy in our vast range of framing styles and packaging options. Frames and packages range from our best-priced Gift Boxes right through to our world-beating Premium Frames.

Authenticity Guarantee

The signing took place in Birmingham on 6th November 2023 and was conducted by our dedicated signing team, which means you can purchase with full confidence that each and every item we sell is 100% authentic.

After all, every piece of signed memorabilia comes with an A1 Certificate of Authenticity. This proves that the signature on the item you’ve bought is genuine and was hand-signed by the man himself during this private signing session, conducted by our dedicated signing team.

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