A1 Sporting Memorabilia’s Top 5, ‘Must Have’ Signed Boxing Gloves, This Christmas

Icons of the sport

Christmas is around the corner now, and if you’re still struggling for ideas for family and friends, then look no further.

The latest installment of our ‘Top 5 Must Have’ signed items, very much appeals to all boxing fans, as we take a look at which signed boxing gloves are topping everyone’s list this season!

5. Manny Pacquiao Signed Boxing Glove Red – Gift Box


Where better to start than with the Pac Man himself. Some career Manny Pacquiao has had, putting him right up there amongst the greatest ever boxers.

This unique, red boxing glove was personally hand-signed by Pacquiao himself, at an organised and professional signing session.

With all our boxing gloves, we give customers the chance to either purchase them on their own, in our stylish A1 Sporting Memorabilia gift box or in our stunning acrylic display case.

4. Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton Signed Boxing Glove Lonsdale – Vertical Signature

One of the most bubbly characters in the history of the sport, and that is not even taking into consideration how good of a boxer this man was. Ricky Hatton, aka Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton, was the leading name in British boxing throughout the 20th century, as his style of boxing changed the sport as a whole.

Here at A1 we are incredibly proud of our signed boxing range, and this signed Lonsdale boxing glove, by Ricky Hatton himself is a stunning piece of signed sports memorabilia.

The glove was personally hand-signed by Ricky Hatton at an organised and professional signing event for A1 Sporting Memorabilia on 29/8/2015 in Bournemouth.

3. PRE-FRAMED Anthony Joshua Signed Boxing Glove – Rival Black

The current superstar of boxing right now, as Anthony Joshua continues to keep smashing records, becoming the heavyweight champion of the world along the way.

We met with Anthony a few months ago, to carry out yet another fantastic signing session, where we have some cracking new products added to our already brilliant AJ range.

This black, framed Rival glove is the newest of the collection, which was personally hand-signed by Joshua himself, at a private and professional signing event for A1, in London on 02 November 2017.

2. Mike Tyson Signed Black Everlast Boxing Glove – Gift Box

The big names of boxing just keep on rolling in here at A1, and they don’t come any bigger than Mike Tyson.

This unique, black Lonsdale boxing glove was personally hand-signed by Mike Tyson himself at an organised and professional signing event. With the glove coming in our stylish dedicated A1 gift box, to give it that finishing touch.

An ideal gift for any boxing fan!

1. Anthony Joshua Signed Boxing Glove – Everlast Gold ’20-20-20′ – Gift Box

As he really is the man in demand, Anthony Joshua most certainly does feature twice in our top 5, and who can argue against that?

This time round, the boxing glove which seems to be at the top of every boxing fans list, is this fantastic, gold Everlast glove, personally hand-signed by Joshua himself at an organised and professional signing event for A1 Sporting Memorabilia, in London on 02/11/2017.

The glove is then finished off with Joshua’s current undefeated boxing record right now, ‘20-20-20’, which was again signed by the man himself. This is the ultimate signed piece of boxing memorabilia this Christmas, so be quick whilst stocks last!