Paul Gascoigne Admitted to Rehab in America

Paul Gascoigne is now in America receiving much needed treatment for his addiction to alcohol.

We have worked well with him for the last 18 months but recently it became clear that he needed professional help. Terry Baker felt that he had to make the statements that he did on BBC Radio 5 to make Paul realise he needed help. We wish him a full recovery and speedy return to health.

Terry & Freda Baker and all at A1 Sporting Memorabilia

Paul Gascoigne with Terry & Freda Baker

Paul Gascoigne with Terry & Freda Baker

Comments from fans and customers:

“My father died due to alcoholism, it’s not too late for you, be strong and you will get through this. In our hearts you will always be a winner, god blessed you with an amazing talent, you entertained and thrilled us with your ability, take 1 day at a time pal.”


“Gazza is receiving so much support from the world of football! and it’s all because of your interview, he owes you, it’s a great thing you did.”

“Theres only one Paul Gascoigne”

“I sincerely feel I can help paul. I’ll txt you again in a week and offer my help for free, for the love of Paul and what he has given to all of us.”

“Hope it works out for him , he bought a lot of pleasure to many watching his skills on the pitch. It must be difficult for you to see him that way and bring sad memories back about George Best’s final years.”

“We are all tottenham supporters in the family, and not only has he give us joy in the white of tottenham but england. he was breath of fresh air.”

“Italia 90, the Cruyff turn vs the Dutch, the through balls vs Cameroon, bossing Lothar Matthaus in the semi, the tears. The 91 Cup run, the goal vs Notts County, THAT goal vs Arsenal “Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack? he is you know….OH I SAY, that is schoolboys own stuff! Euro 96, the goal vs Scotland, the performance vs Holland. Never ever a lost cause. Get well soon Gazza x”

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